9 Tage Ausflugspaket Ägypten und Rotes Meer

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Genießen Sie die 9-Tage-Tour Package Ägypten und das Rote Meer, besuchen Sie die Pyramiden von Gizeh, die Sphinx, das Kairo-Museum und die 3-Nächte-Nilkreuzfahrt

Ab USD 1'750

+7 Zusätzliche Optionen

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► Day 1: Arrival Day:

Upon your arrival at Cairo airport, you will be met by our local representative, who will assist you through immigration and passport control and collecting your baggage. You will then be transferred to your hotel in cairo 

Day 2 -Cairo Day Tour (Giza Pyramids – Egyptian Museum:
You will be picked up from your hotel in Cairo by our tour guide to enjoy a great excursion to The Pyramids of Giza (Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus. Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, which dates back to the time of and visit the Valley Temple  Then visit the Egyptian Museum It exhibits a rare collection of over 250,000 genuine artifacts that date as far back as 5000 years, including an exclusive exhibit dedicated to the Tutankhamen - A collection of treasures, gold, and jewelry that were buried in his tomb for over 3,500 years before they were discovered in 1920 when his tomb was excavated. Overnight in Cairo

► Day3: Cairo Aswan

Early this morning you will be transferred to the airport for a short internal flight down to Aswan. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to our 5-star Nile cruise ship. After some time to freshen up we'll begin our Nile quest by visiting the High Dam of Aswan, where your guide will explain to you how the construction of the dam and subsequent creation of Lake Nasser required the relocation of the Nubian people and several important historical monuments, including Abu Simbel, which you have the opportunity to visit tomorrow. We'll then take a short boat ride to Agilkia Island to explore the Temple of Isis at Philae. Built during the Ptolemaic Kingdom (305 BC to 30 BC), the temple is dedicated to Isis, one of the oldest goddesses of ancient Egypt and worshipped as the paragon of motherly virtues. It is believed that the last Egyptian hieroglyph was written on the island of Philae in the late
fourth century.

► Day 4: Tour to  Abu Simbel:

This morning you will have the opportunity to join our optional excursion to the temples of Abu Simbel, two massive temples in southern Egypt. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Nubian Monuments", these iconic temples were carved out of the mountainside in the 13th century BC, during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II.The tour then continues with a visit to the Temple of Kom-Ombo, a unique 'double' temple dedicated to both the crocodile god Sobek, and the falcon god Haroeris (Horus). After some time to explore the temple, we'll head to Edfu. Also dedicated to Horus, this temple is more than 2,000 years old but was covered by sand until it was re-discovered by a French expedition in 1798. Because it was hidden for so long it is the most well-preserved temple in Egypt. We'll then continue on to
Luxor, where we'll spend the night onboard the 5-star cruise ship.

► Day 5: Luxor City

After breakfast, we will arrive in Luxor and tour the East Bank of Luxor. Experience the incredible Karnak temple complex, part of the ancient city of Thebes. Dedicated to the powerful ram-headed god Amun, it offers a vast mix of temples, chapels, statues, and obelisks. We'll then explore Luxor temple, a place of worship that is dedicated to three gods: Amun, his wife Mut and his son Khons. Together these temples and gods are key players in
the great Opet Festival which was held each year during the flood season.

►  Day 6: west bank of Luxor- Cairo 

This morning we'll start our tour of the west bank with a visit to the World famous Valley of the Kings, where you can enter some of the incredible tombs of the New Kingdom Pharaohs, such as King Tutankhamen. We'll then get to experience the Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir El Bahary), the mortuary temple of the only Pharaoh Queen that ruled Egypt. The day will finish off with a visit to the great Colossi of Memnon, the last remains of Amenophis III’s temple. We'll then take Luxor airport for a short flight to Cairo 
overnight in Cairo 

► Day 7 Siwa  oasis:
 Drive to Alamein 60-km  visit the World war  Museum and the war memorial Visit El-Alamein from Cairo to explore the field of world war 2. The  Museum exhibits amazing stuff dating back to the second world war. El-Alamein was one of the most important fields in the Second world war .your expert tour guide will supply you with all information about it.
Explore the War Cemetery which is known as The Commonwealth Cemetery and it contains a huge amount of graves of soldiers from different countries who were killed during the second world war and buried at El-Alamein. Passing by Marsa Matrouh 200-km., arriving Siwa 300-km, drive to Siwa, Check in your hotel at 3 pm, have some rest then at 6 pm you will go to attend the sunset at fitnas lake with sewan tea then have your dinner before you go to your hotel for overnight.              ► Day 8 Siwa  oasis:
Breakfast at the hotel,t 9 am then at 10 am you are going to visit The mountain of the dead with your guide. Then proceed to visit Amun temple then go to the salty lake to swim and back to pure Cleopatra spring to swim there .at 2 pm you will have your lunch and wait for the jeep safari car. enjoy a tour around the city, then drive by jeep 4x4 to the Great Sand Sea, approx. 17 km., have some rest at the hot spring of Bir Wahid, back to the hotel, you can do camping in the desert under the clear sky watching the stars at night 
►Day 9  Siwa -Cairo :
Breakfast at the hotel - or in the camp then go directly to Cairo .lunch will be during the way arrive cairo at 7 pm overnight in Cairo 
► Day 10- Departure:
The tour ends after breakfast at our hotel in Cairo, with transfers included to take you to the airport for your flight home. If you wish to extend your stay in Cairo, please contact us.



  1. Treffen und Unterstützung am internationalen Flughafen von Kairo + Transfer zum Hotel mit einem klimatisierten Fahrzeug
  2. 03 Übernachtungen in Kairo inklusive Frühstück & aller Steuern - 5 Sterne Hotel
  3. 1-tägige Tour in Kairo wie im Programm angegeben, inklusive Eintrittsgelder und deutschsprachiger Reiseleitung
  4.  Mittagessen in einem lokalen Restaurant in Kairo
  5.  03 Übernachtungen mit 5-Sterne-Nilkreuzfahrt mit Vollpension
  6. 2 Übernachtungen im 5 Sterne Hotel in Hurghada basierend auf All Inclusive
  7.  Alle Sightseeing-Touren an Bord Ihrer Nilkreuzfahrt, einschließlich:
  8.  Tour zum High Dam, Philae Tempel in Assuan
  9. Tour zu den Tempeln von Kom Ombo und Edfu.
  10. Tour zum Tal der Könige, zum Hatschepsut-Tempel und zu den Kolossen von Memnon.
  11. Tour zu den Tempeln von Karnak und Luxor.
  12. Eintrittsgelder für alle im Programm genannten Standorte
  13. Flugtickets Kairo Assuan-Hurghada Kairo
  14.  Alle Die Preise verstehen sich pro Person und in US-Dollar
  15. Deutschsprachiger Reiseführer
  16. Alle Servicegebühren und Steuern
  17. Unterstützung und Transfer zum internationalen Flughafen von Kairo bei der endgültigen Abreise