12 Day Egypt Itinerary

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Egypt 12 day Egypt itinerary, Visit Cairo, The Pyramids of Giza , Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada, Book Now online 

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► Day 1 Sunday Arrival day 29 Aug

Arrival to Egypt( Welcome in Egypt)
Once you arrive at Cairo Airport, Marsa Alam tours representative will be waiting for you to assist you in Baggage inspection procedures and passport check at the airport. Then he will lead you by a modern private air-conditioned vehicle to check in your hotel

►  Day 2- The Pyramids of Giza -Dahshour- Memphis Monday 30 Aug

Cairo Day Tour (Giza Pyramids )

start your Cairo day Tour to visit Pyramids of Giza, visit the Great Pyramid of the king Cheops belong to the four dynasties, visit Chephren & Mycerinus pyramids, then drive to the panorama area, take memorable photos of the three Pyramids together, continue visiting the Sphinx and the Valley Temple, Next tour to visit Dahshour and Memphis 
 You will start with the Step Pyramid at Sakkara, which is considered the world's oldest major stone structure. It was built in the 3rd Dynasty for King Djoser. Then Proceed to have your lunch at a local restaurant. After that transfer to Memphis which was founded by King Menes, and was the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, it was considered to be a centre of rule and culture for over 3000 years the first capital of Egypt, and see the Statue of Ramses II and the Alabaster Sphinx of Memphis. Then drive to Dahshur, Two of the later pyramids constructed here have been completely destroyed by time and the elements and several others, such as the Black Pyramid (12th Dynasty, 1929-1885 BC), are badly damaged, but Dahshur also boasts two of Egypt’s best-preserved early pyramids. Both built during the reign of King Sneferu (2613-2589 BC), the founder of the 4th Dynasty, the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid at Dahshur are massive evidence of the architectural development that lead to the construction of the Great Pyramid and it companions at Giza. Then drive to your hotel.
► Day 3 Tuesday Visit Old Cairo 31 Aug

 visit Old Cairo to see major attractions such as the Hanging Church, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Church of St. Barbara, and the Church of Abu Serga, one of the oldest Coptic churches in Cairo
Continue to the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East. Discover a maze of alleys that have been at the centre of Cairo ’s trading activities since the 14th century.
► Day 4 Wednesday 1 Sept Sharm El Sheikh 

► day 5 Thursday   2 nd Sep Sharm El Sheikh 
► Private boat 

►  6th  September  Monday 
► Private boat in Hurghada 
Go Snorkeling and swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea with a private full-day trip from Hurghada. Enjoy an all-inclusive tour that provides you with the equipment you need, along with food and drinks to stay refreshed.

In the morning, at 07:15  you'll be picked up from your hotel and transferred to the jetty. After boarding set out on the water. Take in the nature and the beauty of the small islands you pass by. Eventually, you will drop anchor and have time to go swimming with dolphin . You will also be able to swim, snorkel
At lunchtime, dine on an open buffet lunch . Then enjoy the rest of your afternoon in the sun before you are returning to your hotel in the early evening

7th Sep Tuesday 
► Desert Quadbike Hurghada 

Marsaalamtours representative will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada by Jeep Sunset Desert Safari4X4, and then you will be transferred to the eastern Egyptian desert, to live the life of the Bedouin people and explore their traditions. The Camel Riding tour in the desert offers a natural adventure through the amazing painted deserts you have ever seen, Barbeque dinner will be served once the sun goes down, and you will make your way back out of the desert.

► 8th  Wednesday transfer to Luxor 
 Karnak and Luxor temple
► Luxor  Temple:
Largely built by the New Kingdom Pharaoh Amenhotep the Third and Completed by King Tutankhamon and the Great King Ramses the second, The First pylon was raised by Ramses the second and Decorated with His Military Battle of Kadesh.
► Karnak temple
Karnak is more than A temple, is a spectacular Complex of Sanctuaries, Kiosks, Pylons, and Obelisks, All dedicated to the Theban gods and to the Greater Glory of Egypt`s Pharaohs, Karnak was the Most Important place for the worship of the Theban Triad(Amun, Mut, and Khonso) 

► 9th  Thursday, Sep  balloon - valley of the kings  and Hatshepsut  then back to the hotel

► The  Valley of the Kings  :
Once  called the great Place of the Truth, this valley Called now the valley of the Kings, It is a Majestic domain of the Pharaohs who once lay in great stone Sarcophagi, awaiting immortality, The isolated valley behind Deir el Bahri is dominated by the Pyramid-Shaped Mountain Peak

► The colossi of Memnon:
Massive  pair statues Know as the  Colossi of Memnon, Rising about 18 M from the plain, They are the remains of what once the largest  complex on the west bank, Built by Amenhotep the Third

► The Queen Hatshepsut temple :
Rising out of the desert Plain, in a series of terraces, The temple of Hatshepsut Mergs with sheer limestone Cliffs of the eastern face of the Theban Mountain as if Nature herself had built this Extraordinary monument.

10th sep Friday transfer to Aswan visit Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples Then to the airport to fly to Cairo 

► Visit The temple of Kom Ombo

The temple and the associated settlement site located 40 K.m north of Aswan, the temple was dedicated to the deities Sobek and Horus  and date mainly to the Ptolemaic and Roman period(332 B.b -395 A.c)
► Edfu temple  :

Upper Egyptian site dominated by a large well -Preserved temple, dedicated to the hawk-God Horus, The Construction of Ptolemaic temple of Horus, which was founded on the site of a much earlier temple, dated to the period between the reigns of Ptolemy the Third(246 B.c), The descriptions on the walls include the Myth of contending of Horus and Seth(Probably performed annually as a religious Drama.
 11 Sep Saturday Visit the Egyptian Museum 


  • ►  Giza Pyramids
  • ►   The Egyptian  museum
  • ► Memphis 
  • ►  Dahshour 
  • ► Old Cairo 
  • ►  Kom Ombo 
  • ►  Edfu temple
  • ►  Karnak
  • ►  Valley of Kings
  • ►  Hatshepsut temple

►  Inclusions:

  •  ► Cairo Museum - guide- Old Cairo - Transfer and guide- Memphis / Dashur / Giza /   - Transfer and guide
  • ► Aswan to Luxor - 2 stops Kom Ombo and Edfu - Transfer and guide
  • ►  Hot air balloon valley of the kings - visit valley of the kings and Hatshepsut - transfer and guide
  • ► Karnak / Luxor temple - transfer and guide
  • ►  Transfer Hurghada- luxor
  • ►  Private boat - hurghada
  • ► Quadbike desert - hurghada
  • ►   Pick up service at Cairo 
  • ►  An escorted knowledgeable Portuguese tour guide all over the tour.
  • ►  All your transportation during the tour with a private A.C car
  • ► Private boat trip in Sharm El Sheikh 

►  Exclusions:

  • ►  International Airfare.
  • ►  Egypt entry visa.
  • ►  Entering fees to all the mentioned sightseeing on the itinerary.
  • ► Lunch 


  1. Cairo
  2. Sharm El-Sheikh
  3. Hurghada
  4. Luxor
  5. Aswan
  6. Cairo