Overnight Snorkeling trip At Satayh Dolphin Reef From Marsa Alam

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Our overnight trip to Sataya dolphinhouse is starting from the marina in Hamata The small village is located about100 km south of Marsa Alam. From its harbour daily boats and safari trips head towards the stunning reefs of the Southern Red Sea.

Desde USD 220

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Our overnight trip to Sataya Dolphinhouse is starting from the marina in Hamata. The small village is located about 100 km south of Marsa Alam. From its harbour, daily boats and safari trips head towards the stunning reefs of the Southern Red Sea.

First day:

The transfer will be from the hotel to Marina Hamata whereas the boat waits for us for sailing south for two hours in the direction of the large area of ​​Stayah, which is a large Laguna, surrounded by coral reefs on the north, east and west, which has the largest gathering of dolphins.

Our program starts with swimming with dolphins and taking pictures of it or enjoying watching it from the top of the boat. Because sometimes he comes very close to the boat

After lunch and rest, we are still having another fun time with the coral reefs

The rubber boat brings us to the coral reefs that we can enjoy and the beauty of its beautiful colours.. After another break and enjoyment of the warmth of the sun, we are to meet once more with the dolphins or the coral reefs to enjoy together.

The most beautiful time to feel comfortable, relax, and enjoy is the sunset of the golden sun, followed by dinner on the music and stars.

Second day :

In the early morning and with the beauty of the sunrise we are on a date with different coral reefs, fish and the sea turtles to enjoy the underwater world.

Having taken the breakfast and the coffee, we shall wait once more to swim with the dolphin.

Thereafter, we shall direct north to Abu Glawa area to pleasure for the diversity of our program and for creating a convenient atmosphere for all our clients. The diversity of the places is our target to achieve satisfaction for all the diving or snorkelling lovers in Abu Glawa.. We shall then sail north to the way back to Marina Hamata and then to the hotel.

Aspectos importantes

  • ►   Amazing over Night trip to dolphin Reefs
  • ►   swim with dolphins
  • ►   Discover the coral reef of Shaab Sataya
  • ►   watch the sun set
  • ►  Watch the stars and moon

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  • ►  private

►   Run:

  • ►  Everyday

►   Pick-Up Time:

  • ►  7:00  

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  • ► Full Payment during the trip or by Visa Card Online Via our website

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