3 Day Trip to Siwa Oasis and Alexandria from Cairo

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We offer 3 Day Trip to Siwa Oasis and Alexandria from Cairo.Visit Siwa oasis,and discover Siwa oasis.Enjoy the salty lakes,and Amun Temple and do Safari adventures in the western desert.Visit Alexandria attractions and back to Cairo.

Desde USD 570

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Day 1-Cairo El Alemin Matrouh-Siwa:

Pick-up time from your hotel in Cairo or Giza at 05:00 am.we do recommend ordering a breakfast box from your hotel because of the early departure,and drive to El Alamein .Driving distance: 259 km.It takes 3 hours driving,on the way we Can stop for a coffee break. Arrival at El Alamein at 08:30.

El Alamein Controlled the north African coast which opens the way to the whole of Egypt and the trade routes to the Far East via the red sea and the Indian Ocean.During the second world war, the Axis powers wanted to dominate Egypt in order to close Britain`s sea routes to its colonial empire,which the British were desperate to protect.starting in 1940 with the Italian invasion of Egypt via Libya,The coastal town of Al Diffa was the scene of the ongoing battle.

El Alamein  Museum:
The small El Alamein museum,about 1 mile west of the British memorial,is located on the north side of the road, for anyone interested in war Memorabilia. it is worth a stop. Created in 1965 from debris found on the battlefield,It contains uniforms, Weapons, Flags,and other war Paraphernalia. Displays include Photographs and the battle sites

El Alamein War Cemetery:

It was designed by Sir Herbert Worthington and is maintained by the British war graves commission in Cairo,Here 7,367 men from Britain, Newzealand, Australia, South Africa, Greece, France, India, and Malaysia are buried in individual graves, while 11,945 men, whose bodies were never found, are honored in the cloister that precedes the graveyard

Beyond the cloister is the Individual graves, each, topped with white Marker, Approximately 815 soldiers were identified and their names are inscribed over the graves
The German war Memorial:
Thee kilometers, west of the Italian marker, the German war memorial is a single octagonal building erected in 1959, overlooks the sea, Patterned after the castle del Monte. the memorial contains the bodies of 4280 German soldiers, at the Entrance, it stands an impressive golden mosaic, to the right of the entrance is a small chapel where families and friends honor the dead with wreaths, Photographs, and memorial ribbons.
The Italian Memorial:
The Elegant white marble Italian Memorial, the largest structure at  El Alamein .stands 5 kilometers beyond the German Memorial, it was designed by Paolo Caccia dominoni who served  at El-Alamein and also wrote a book about it
In the Entrance, there is a small museum and  in the chapel is inscribed (To 4800 Italian soldiers, sailors,and airmen,the desert and the sea did not give back 38,000 who are  missing)
The main memorial overlooks the sea at the top
Light lunch will be served on the way.

 Enjoy the sunset at Fatnas Lake:

Fatnas is a Small island in Birket Siwa, you can reach it by walk or by bike, It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the sunset, You will get a spectacular view of the lake with Gebel Bayda and Hamra forming the backdrop to the west, A walk in the Garden show a variety of trees including Banana, dates, and olive.
Dinner will be served in a restaurant in Siwa

Overnight in Ghaliet Ecolodge:
Ghaliet is a unique SPA Ecolodge just located nearby Amoun Temple and Alexander the greatest oracle in Siwa Oasis.It has been built by nature and designed among palm trees. you can feel the history and the great ancient stories of Alexander the great while you are in Ghaliet. Enjoy nature, organic design, organic food, and different health programs. The ecolodge includes 12 cozy rooms; each room has its special personality and feeling. You can enjoy staying in the upper rooms with the transparent glass ceiling opening and you feel like you are sleeping in heaven. Also, you can experience the unique outdoor privacy in the lower rooms with their private backyard. Siwa, Alexandaria , Breakfast on the way to Alexandria .Then drive to Alexandria Overnight in Alexandria

 Day 2- Siwa- Alexandria :

After breakfast Visit Siwa attractions:

Temple of the Oracle :
 then proceed to Alexander the Great Temple also known as the Temple of the Oracle.It is believed that Alexander the Great wished to consult the Siwan oracle to seek confirmation that he was the son of Zeus.The Greek god of gods, when he and his entourage arrived at Siwa oasis after a long trip through the desert.Then drive to the salt lake at 10:30
Proceed to the salt lake to get an amazing experience to swim, the water makes you float above.
Cleopatra's bath:
at 1:30 Then proceed to (Cleopatra's bath )The spring of the sun. It has been mentioned by travelers to Siwa, The legend maintains that Cleopatra swam here, Then Proceed to the temple of Umm Ubaydah or Amun temple, Just 200 m further from the Temple of the Oracle, the temple was erected by the pharaoh Nectanebo of the 30th Dynasty,
3:00 pm ( Taste the Siwan lunch )  in a Siwan restaurant at Abdo restaurant,
Then at 4:00 Transfer to Alexanderia from Siwa.

 ► Day 3-  Alexandria :

Start your day Tour in Alexandria by Visiting The Roman Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa 
The Catacombs Kom el Shoqafa :
Archaeologists believe that the Catacomb of Kom el Shoqafa was started in the 2nd century A.D. and was used to intern the dead for the next 200 years. This was a period in the history of the city of Alexandria when there was a great mixture of different cultures. Of course, there was the ancient history of the great Egyptian kingdoms which went back thousands of years
Pompey Pillar:
Has nothing to do with Pompey. The story behind the name refers to the possible burial ground of the Roman general when he fled to Egypt and was assassinated after losing a major battle in Greece against Caesar. The red granite column was probably built to honor Emperor Diocletian. Today it stands 25 meters high and is the tallest ancient monument in Alexandria
The Citadel of Sultan Qeitbay:
The Citadel was built in the 15th Century by the Mamlouk Sultan Qeitbay, To Guard the City against the threat of Crusaders, This wonderful Islamic Monument was built by the use of the ruins of the old Lighthouse that was constructed by Ptolemy 11 in 3rd Century B.c. The Lighthouse was damaged during an Earthquake that Occurred in Egypt in 1303 A.c during the reign of the Mamlouk King  Qeitbay:
Lunch in Alexandria in Egyptian Restaurant
 El Mursi Mosque:   
Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas Mosque built primarily in 1775. It built over the tomb of a Spanish scholar and saint. Moreover, it stands on Mosque Square overlooking the eastern harbor. Al Mursi Abu Al Abbas (whose full name is much longer) born to a wealthy family. It was in the Andalusia region of Spain in 1219. Furthermore, in the wake of increasing Christian control of Spain, he and his family left for Tunisia in 1242. Moreover, he later went on to Alexandria, a popular destination of many Muslim scholars at the time
After finishing your tour in Alexandria around 5 pm .You will go back to your hotel in cairo for 3 hours driving .

Aspectos importantes

  • Siwa Oasis
  • El Alamein Tombs
  • The Fortress at Shali
  • The temple of the Oracle
  • Cleopatra`s Bath
  • Make an adventure trip 
  • The Great Sand sea
  • Alexandria
  • The Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa
  • Pompei Pillar
  • The Citadel of Sultan Qeitaby
  • El Mursi Mosque 

► Inclusions:

  •  All Transfers by Private A/C Latest model Vehicle
  • An expert tour guide will start from Cairo
  •  1-night hotel accommodation in Siwa on a Half board basis
  •  1-night hotel accommodations in Alexandria on a Half-board basis
  •  Lunch at a Local restaurant or Picnic Lunch
  •  Water and Snacks
  •  Required Entry fees
  •  Taxes and Services 

► Exclusions:

  •  Personal expenses and extras at the hotels or tours
  •  Entry visa 
  •  Alcoholic drinks
  •  Any other item non-mentioned above
  • Tips

Prices Quoted Per Person in U.S.

 Rate is fixed all year round  (Except Mid-Year school vacations, Xmas, New Year &Easter)
Children Policy :

Children from 0 to 5.99 Years Free
Child from 6 to 11 years old Pay 50% of the adult rate sharing parent`s room  

Note: The Program Can be extended to be 5 days 4  Nights with 75 $ Per Person Extra

► Please remember to bring:

  •  Passports
  •  Hat
  • sunglasses
  •  suncream
  •  swimming suits
  •  Torch


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  2. Alexandria
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