Экскурсия в Луксор из Марса Алам и обратно в Хургаду

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Частный однодневный тур в Луксор из Марса-Алама на личном автомобиле с вашим собственным гидом, который позволит вам увидеть настоящий Луксор, посетить долину королей, место захоронения самых могущественных царей Египта, храм королевы Хатшепут, колоссы Мемнона и Карнака храм.

От USD 145

+4 Дополнительные услуги

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► 04:00AM

Pick up from your hotel in Marsa Alam

Pick up from your hotel at 5:00 am by private air-conditioned taxi and arrive Luxor at around 09.30 am.Starting Tour of the ancient city of Luxor in luxury on a private day trip from Marsa Alam to Luxor. Accompanied by your private tour guide where you’ll  Begin visit the famous historical sites 09:30 

Visiting First luxor Attraction Valley of the Kings

You will cross the Nile to visit some of the most spectacular highlights of Luxor's fabled West Bank during which you will explore with your own private tour guide Visit the valley of the Kings. You will visit You will visit 3 Tombs.
 ► 1-The Valley of the Kings

The final resting place of Egypt’s rulers from the 18th to the 20th dynasty, it is home to tombs including the great Pharaoh Ramses II and boy PharaohTutankhamun . The tombs were well stocked with all the material goods a ruler might need in the next world. Most of the decoration inside the tombs still well preserved.
If you wish to Visit the Tomb of The young Pharaoh Tutankhamun . It costs 200 Egyptians Pounds Extra

►   11:30A.M
►  The Temple of Hatshpsut

Temple of Hatshepsut is one of the most beautiful & best preserved of all of the temples of Ancient Egypt you can find at Luxor. The temple was built on three levels with two wide ramps in a central position joining the levels together. Rising out of the desert Plain, in a series of terraces, The temple of Hatshepsut Mergs with sheer limestone Cliffs of the eastern face of the Theban Mountain as if Nature herself had built this Extraordinary monument.

►  4- 12:300 P.M
►  Visiting Colossi of Memnon

Colossi of Memnon are Two massive stone statues of king Amenhotep III are the only remains of a complete mortuary temple.The statues are made from blocks of quartzite sandstone which exist in Cairo then moved 700 KM to Luxor, The two statues Know as the Colossi of Memnon, Rising about 18 M from the plain, They are the remains of what once the largest complex on the west bank, Built by Amenhotep the Third. At around noon you will have lunch in a Local restaurant in Luxor, Then Visit The Temple of Karnak -the largest ancient religious site known anywhere in the world :

► 5- 3:00 PM
► Karnak temple

Karnak temple  is the largest ancient religious site known anywhere in the world , No site in Egypt is more impressive than Karnak. It is the largest temple complex ever built by man. It represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders and Pharaohs. The Temple of Karnak is actually three main temples situated on 247 acres of land.

Finally, you will be transferred by a private air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel in Hurghada 

► 6- 16:30 PM
Going Back to Your Hotel in Hurghada

End your day with an optional tour in a traditional Sailboat(Felucca)  during the late afternoon - the perfect way to relax while watching the traditional rural life on the river bank. 
Should you wish to make any changes to the itinerary - such as visiting Luxor temple instead of Karnak or spending more time in the souq - we will be happy to make suitable arrangements where possible.

Основной момент

  1. Посетите долину царей, место захоронения самых могущественных царей Египта
  2. Храм Королевы Хатшепсут,
  3. Колоссы Мемнона
  4. Карнакский храм.


  1. Тур в Карнак, Колоссы Мемнона.
  2. Минеральная вода "
  3. Покупки через знаменитые базары.
  4. Тур в Хатшепсут, Долину Царей.
  5. обеденная еда
  6. Все сервисные сборы и налоги


Любой Экстра


  1. Marsa Alam
  2. Safaga
  3. Qena
  4. Luxor