Day trip to Bahariya Oasis and white desert from Cairo

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Enjoy a Day trip to Bahariya Oasis and white desert from Cairo, explore the white desert, the black desert, Crystal Mountain, and enjoy unspoiled nature! On this unique adventure experience, you will be driven to Bahariya Oasis and then out into the surrounding region.

From USD 170

+2 Additional options

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At 06:00 am Pick up time from your hotel in Giza or in  Cairo, drive to   Bahariya Oasis, which is located about 350 km east of Cairo  This journey takes about 4 hours, in Past when people from Bahariya wished to go to the Nile valley, they often waited until a caravan was passing through, They traveled between the Nile and the oasis in three days( How lucky we are today!!!!!

There will be 2 Coffee Breaks during the trip.

You will see to the righthand side the railways that transport the iron ore deposits to the Steel mill at Helwan, So it is of no use for tourists- Baharyia oasis is the main source of Iron ore of Egypt. The Iron ore comes from the middle Eocene limestone and is located 4 places called Managim

At 10:00 You will arrive at Baharyia oasis then you meet your Safari guide and you will take your 4x4 Jeep and Start your adventure.

Our Jeep 4x4

Drive to  the black desert  This name stems from the fact that there is a layer of black powder covering its mountains, highlands, and sand. This powder covers the summits of some mountains 

The black desert

12:00 The Lunch will be served here in El Haize oasis which is located 37 k.m from Bawiti , Some people refer to this oasis as a separate oasis, during the roman time area was very Prosperous, many of the current families were originally from Libya., Before lunch, you can immerse yourself in a hot water spring which will almost instantly reduce stress. The heat naturally coaxes tense muscles to loosen up which in turn promotes feelings of calm, wellbeing, and tranquility.

Hotsprin in El Haz


At 13:00 On the way back, you will visit  Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain, locally known as Gebel al-Izzaz. It's more of a crystal hill, seen on the right, which is often called the Jewel of the desert is formed by the quartzite crystals and looks amazing in the sun's rays. A few decades ago, that natural feature has been found by accident.

The <a href='../Egypt-Travel-Guide/The-Crystal-Mountain-in-Western-Desert.php' target='_blank' > Crystal Mountain </a>

14:00 Then drive to the  valley of Agabat

14:30  Arrive at the Valley of Agabat is deep within the white desert. You have to be there to feel the out-worldly beauty of the place. Millions of years ago, the place used to be under the sea. Over the years, unique rock formations of limestone, chalk (and maybe sand) developed.  

 <a href='../Egypt-Travel-Guide/The-valley-of-Agabat-in-the-white-desert.php' target='_blank' > valley of Agabat </a>

wadi el agabat

Then you will adventure the desert by discovering the Wadi el Agabat by Jeep 4x4 and Enjoy sandboarding -

Sandboard in Siwa

15: 30  explore the white desert    National Park, the most well-known desert destination in Egypt.

There are hundreds of images here each one is reminiscent of an animal- Chicken-  A sphinx, Camels, tents, Mushrooms

The chicken- The <a href='../Egypt-Travel-Guide/The-white-desert.php' target='_blank' > white desert </a> <a href='' target='_blank' > <img alt='white-desert Egypt 360' src='../images/360_Egypt.png' height='30' /> </a>

The chicken-shaped rock

The white dessert

17:30 back to Baharyia  oasis

19:00  Soak in the heat at   Bir Sigam , a hot spring that can help to relax.  Located at 7 km east of Bahariya on the   Cairo  road, the spring is the best hot spring in temperature,

In The summertime will stop at Bir Madi( which is a cold  spring)

Enjoy tour Dinner and Drive to Cairo arrival at 12:00 Am

Please remember to bring:

  • ► Several t-shirts (cotton or preferably breathable/fast drying)
  • ► Trainers and/or sandals – to relax and wear inside the accommodation
  • ► Sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip salve
  • ► Hat/Baseball cap
  • ► Personal First Aid kit (wet wipes, flu remedies, stomach remedies)
  • ► swimming suits as we stop at Hotspring

► Optional Tours & Extra tickets

 If you would like to extend your trip to Bahariya with an extra  night in Bahariya to discover the beauty of this oasis this will cost you 50  $ per person

After this great experience, some people  need to Add extra one-night Camping in the desert to Visit the cave  100 $ Per person

► Our Advise for this Trip

  • ► we advise you to wear trainers as the rocks are hard to walk on with bare feet.
  • ► We advise you to have a shower after the trip in one of our springs to get a refresh before depart to Cairo

The Price for groups

  • ►Private tour for 2  Persons 170 $ Per Person
  • ►Private tour for 3 Persons 160 $ Per Person
  • ►Private tour for 4  Persons 150 $ Per Person
  • ►Private tour for 7- 18 People 130 $ Per Person
  • ►Private trip for Single traveller 260 $ Per person
  • ► Private tour for child  85 $ Per child



  • ❤ Pick-up and drop off services from/to your hotel
  • ❤ Travel by private air-conditioned vehicle
  • ❤ Tours by private Jeep 4X4 to the White and Black Deserts
  • ❤ English-speaking driver
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • ❤ Beverages including mineral water and tea
  • ❤ All taxes and service charges


  • ❤ Entrance fees to the National Park of the White Desert
  • ❤ Tipping (not obligatory)

 ►  Tour Type :

  • ❤ Private 

 ► Pick up Time :

  • ❤ 6:00 am 

  ► Cancellation Policy 

  • ❤ Cancel up to 1 day in advance for a full refund

 ❤ Know Before You go 

  • ❤ Ask for your breakfast box before the early departure. The hotel arranges it for you for free.

  ► Booking Method:

  • ❤ Full Payment during the trip or by Visa Card Online Via our website


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