Swim with dolphins in Sharm el Sheikh

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Van USD 60

Swim with Dolphins Tour Sharm el sheikh,Grant your loved ones and yourself with an unforgettable present! Swim with dolphins in Sharm el sheikh Feel yourself in harmony with wildlife.

Van USD 60

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10:00 pick up time from your hotel in Sharm el sheikh

You will be picked up from Your hotel in Sharm el sheikh to dolphin world in Sharm el sheikh, Sessions of swimming with dolphins proceed twice a day (except Saturday)before the show 10.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.and after the performance 4.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.The essential parts of the session are a dance with the dolphin (while you hold the animal by its breast fins), a ride with a dolphin holding its dorsal, and close contact with the animal


Rules of swimming with dolphin


Please learn the following rules before swimming with dolphins.

We do our best to make your visit to DOLPHIN WORLD unforgettable and pleasant. Thank you for considering our rules and cooperation!

During the session, our team of qualified operators will perform professional photographic coverage and video recording of this memorable day. A DVD with your swimming session is 35$, one photo (148x210 mm) is 10$. You will be able to watch the photos right after swimming and choose those that appeal to you more. The video recording will be delivered to your hotel.

If you are unwilling to enter the pool, Dolphin World offers you to contact dolphins from the pool platform. You can play with dolphins, hug them and even kiss them! The service "Contact with dolphins" cost the same as swimming with dolphins.

Children under 3 are not admitted to swimming with dolphins.
Children upward of 3 are allowed to swim with dolphins only if they are accompanied by an adult who can swim. A life- jacket is essential (the payment for two-person is required in this case).
Pregnant ladies are not admitted to swimming with dolphins.
Children with alternative ways of growth or with locomotor system diseases are allowed to swimming only in life-jacket. The presence of an adult who can swim is essential.
In the case of force major, you should listen attentively to the trainer’s instructions. Be kind to fulfil all his or her requirements as your safety demands it.
You should pull back your hair neatly before going into the pool.
Before swimming please take off all your accessory (rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.), otherwise, you can hurt dolphins.
Before diving into the pool you are to take a shower and put on a bathing suit, then please put on a wetsuit and change your shoes.
Please change your shoes right after having a shower and walk-in them until you come up to the pool.
Please take a towel when you go to the pool (the towel given does not require additional payment).
In case the client decided not to swim after effecting the payment, the money is returned only if you have not entered the pool. However, if you or your child change your mind in water, the dolphinarium returns no funds. We can offer one of the client's relatives to swimming instead of him or her, We can suggest contacting a dolphin from the platform of a photoset by the pool. Anyway, we do everything to satisfy the client.

Start your Amazing Experience to swim with a dolphin

Swim with Dolphins Tour Sharm el sheikh, Grant your loved ones and yourself with an unforgettable present! Swim with dolphins in Sharm el sheikh Feel yourself in harmony with wildlife.

The duration will be 10 Minutes swimming with dolphins You Can choose only 5 Minutes which will be less in Price

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  • An unforgettable present
  • Swim  with  dolphins
  • Reach a miracle
  • Feel yourself in harmony with wildlife


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  • 10 Minutes swim with dolphin
  • Photos
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