Overnight Trip to Luxor with Dendera and Abydos From Hurghada

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Overnight Luxor two days tour from Hurghada Included Dendera temple s and Abydos temples, Visit the valley of Kings, The queen Hatshepsut temple and Karnak, Overnight in Luxor then drive to Dendera temple and Abydos temple

From USD 250

+2 Additional options

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►  Day 1 Hurghada-Luxor
Early in the morning, we will pick you up at your hotel in Hurghada by private a.c. Car to be transferred to Luxor for a night trip from Hurghada. Upon arrival you meet the private guide that you participate in visiting:
► Karnak temple:
No site in Egypt is more impressive than Karnak. It is the largest temple complex ever built by humans and represents the combined achievement of many generations of old builders and pharaohs. The Temple of Karnak is actually the three most important temples, smaller closed temples and various outer temples located on 247 hectares of land.
► Luxor Temple:
The Temple of Luxor was the centre of the main festival, the Opet's festival. Largely built by Amenhotep III and Rameses II, the goal of the temple was like a setting for the rituals of the festival. The festival was to reconcile the human aspect of the ruler with the divine office. Lunch is served in a local restaurant in Luxor with Nile View, then you see the hotel (you have the flexibility to change)
In the evening you can enjoy an optional tour sound and light show at Karnak: the show starts with a historical introduction that relates to the birth of the big city of Thebes and the erection of the Karnak Temple.
The show tells the glorious performance of some great pharaohs while listening to a beautiful and poetic description of the artistic treasures and great legacy that encloses the Karnak temple.
► Day 2- Luxor- Abydos
Breakfast in your hotel, you will be accompanied by your private directives and a private vehicle with air conditioning to visit:
Drive to the Abydos temple.
Considered one of the most important archaeological sites of ancient Egypt, the holy city Abydos was the site of many ancient temples, including Umm El-Qa'ab, a royal necropolis where early pharaohs were buried. These tombs began to be seen as extremely significant funerals and in later times it became desirable to be buried in the area, leading to the growth of the importance of the city as a cult site.
Nowadays Abydos is remarkable for the Memorial Temple of Seti I, which contains an inscription of the nineteenth dynasty that the modern world is known as the Abydos King List. It is a chronological table with cartouches of most dynasty pharaohs from Egypt of opinions to the Ramesses I, Seti's father. The big temple and most of the old city are buried under the modern buildings north of the Seti temple. Many of the original structures and artefacts are considered irreparable and lost; Many may be destroyed by the new construction.
Abydos temple located about 2.5 hours by car north of Luxor, Abydos was one of the most important religious locations for ancient Egyptians. Just like modern Muslims, to complete a pilgrimage to Mecca, at least once in their lives, ancient Egyptians should visit Abydos, which was strongly associated with the entrance to the hereafter.
Although different temples were constructed, the largest and most significant and the Temple of Seti I. Seti I was the father of the great Ramesses II, who actually completed the construction of most temple after his father's death.
To power only 30 years after the revolution of Akhenaten's Kleetical Rule, known as the Amarna period, Seti I was busy recovering faith in the Pantheon of Pre-Amarna gods that Akhenaten had tried to destroy. As a result, the temple he has built contains small chapels dedicated to each of the big gods: Ptah, Re-Harakhte, Amun-Re, Osiris, Isis, Horus, and also one to Seti itself. Many of the temple complexes are no longer present, including the pylon and the first two courtyards, so visitors to enter the hypostyle hall via a doorway. Many of the wall noises are well preserved and the reliefs to the back of the temple, completed during the Government of Seti, are considered one of the most beautiful in every temple throughout Egypt. Because Abydos is harder to reach than many sites, it is not very heavily visited. Occasionally tour buses come from the beach resorts or with many cruise sanctions from the Red Sea, but if you leave your visit well, you can notice the temple complex for yourself.
Then drive to the Dendera Temple
Dendera temple
The Hathor Temple was largely constructed during the late Ptolemaic period, specifically during the regime of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VII. Later additions were made during the Roman period. Although built by a dynasty of rulers who were not indigenous Egyptians themselves, the design of this temple is by that of other classic Egyptian temples, except the front of the hypostyle hall, which is full


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  • ►   Sail over the Nile with Felucca

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