Ezbet El Borg

Ezbet El Borg, and the reason for the name is due to the tower, which was guarding its shore from the external invasion, and then it was named the city of Izbat al-Burj so that the preference of this tower was not forgotten by it after being obliterated by water and erosion factors, but its effect is still present in the Nile, where its place looks like a shallow island of water.


Its importance

The city of Ezbet El-Borg is of great importance, as it has one of the largest ports for building ships and tourist yachts in Egypt. It also has the largest marine fleet for fishing in Egypt, as it is characterized by the purity of its atmosphere, as it is located on the other bank of the Nile from Ras El-Bar. Its population is about seventy thousand.

It is famous for shipbuilding, as it has a large shipyard, and its people own the largest fishing fleet in the republic. It has a fish canning plant Its hunters make hunting tours in many countries like Eritrea and Greece. Ras al-Barr city participates at the end of the Nile.

The manor of the tower was established as a beacon to guide ships passing in the Mediterranean, 180 feet high in 1869.




The city was named in reference to the defensive tower that was used to shine in it. In 1869, a 55-meter lighthouse was built to guide ships in the Mediterranean, but this site is now a shallow spot in the course of the Nile. Muhammad Ali Pasha had blessed the town with the Syrian family of Kahil.


Sons of the Izbat al-Burj and Somali pirates In April 2009, the two ships, Mumtaz 1 and Ahmed Samara, were kidnapped by Somali pirates near the coast of Zayla in northern Somalia, with 33 fishermen, most of them from Izbat al-Burj. Somalis,


The government has opened channels for dialogue with the kidnapped pirates to negotiate the payment of ransom that lasted for several weeks and amounted to five months, but did not result in anything, until the fishermen were able to make a successful attempt to get rid of the detention imposed on them in the Somali territorial waters, and the pirates did not expect the valor of these men and their adventure To get rid of the pirate tusks, and they managed to escape from the pirates after they killed two of them and captured 8 pirates who returned them to Egypt, so that they were the first to succeed in escaping from the Somali pirates and even detained some of them for trial after a series of attacks by these Somali pirates A large number of merchant ships, oil tankers and fishing vessels, and they have ancient relics dating back to the 1880s