Tomb of Queen Meresankh iii

Queen Meresankh III was the daughter of Hetepheres II - the Queen of the IV Dynasty (2723 to 2563 BC) and Prince Kawab, the granddaughter of Khufu - the King of the IV Dynasty of the Old Kingdom and the wife of Khafre - the 4th King of the Fourth Dynasty. Meresankh died shortly after the end of the reign of Khafre and was buried in the Mastaba, built in the Necropolis of Giza (G7530). The inscriptions on both sides of the entrance to her tomb tell us that the burial of the Queen was made 272 days after her death:

tomb of queen meresankh iii


The tomb of Queen Meresankh III in the eastern necropolis at Giza is the finest and most extensive of the few tombs open to visitors at the site (there are hundreds but only three are accessible currently). The tomb consists of two main chambers divided by pillars with a remarkable row of figures of the Queen and here family in high relief on the end wall. Another chamber with four similar carved female figures leads to a stairwell from which a lower (but featureless) crypt can be accessed. The tomb requires a separate ticket bought at the entrance to the site but as it seems to get few visitors will likely require a local guardian to unlock it.

Queen Meresankh III