Hurghada Marina

History Of Hurghada


Different than many other destinations in Egypt like Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, where the ancient Egyptians resided and built their civilizations, Hurghada is rather a contemporary established city. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the period from 1900 till 1920, Hurghada was a very small village for the Arabian fishermen. Historical records claim that in 1906, there were only 6 primitive houses in the city.The city has a simple commercial activity at the time as the fishermen used to dry the fish and then sell it to the caravans coming from the Nile Valley. Moreover, in 1909, petrol was first discovered around Hurghada. However, the real excavation and production process began after the end of World War II.Despite the fact that Hurghada is the largest city in the region of the Red Sea in Egypt today, nothing more was known about Hurghada before the 1920s when sailors coming from the Arabian Peninsula came to fish near the Egyptian borders.Their meeting point was a large tree which was called “Gharqad”, Nitraria in the Latin language.There was a famous sentence that was common among these sailors; “let’s meet at the Ghardaqa”. This was how the name Ghardaqa, or Hurghada in English mainly originated.In the same position as the tree, the first summer resort established in Hurghada was built in 1952 for King Farouq, the last king of Egypt. After the nationalization process carried out by the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, this building was transformed into a club for the Egyptian armed forces.Only in the beginning of the 1980s, touristic experts and the Egyptian government started recognizing the natural constitutes which Hurghada possess which qualify the city to become a major touristic destination.This includes a large number of islands near the city, the large diverse collection of colored fish and amazing coral reefs, and the existence of a long beach with a length which exceeds more than 30 kilometers.

All these factors encouraged local and international investors from Europe, especially Germany, the United States, and the Gulf, to begin establishing different hotels and resorts in and around the center of the city of Hurghada, and from this point on, the city has become the most wonderful destination for vacationers in Egypt. 


Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina is a rather swish and modern addition to the central district of Sigala and the town’s major dining destination. At sunset, this is the place to promenade while soaking up the last of the evening light before heading to one of the many cafés or restaurants for a meal.This project is considered to be one of the biggest and most splendid projects in Hurghada, Egypt. It was designed by the Sorgreah Consultants in France while the project’s overall consultancy services were carried out by the ASA consultants in Egypt.Apart from its nautical character, Hurghada Marina has become very well known for its exclusive bars and restaurants, unparalleled choice of designer shops and luxurious holiday apartments surrounding the port.

The Marina Harbor has a capacity for 200 yachts with lengths ranging between 10 to 100 meters. Megayachts can be moored at the seaward side of the main dock. With its extensive infrastructure that provides every service necessary for the mooring of a wide variety of crafts.Dining with views over the bobbing yachts and the Red Sea stretching to the horizon can’t be beaten.


Hurghada Marina Promenade, Sigala

Weather And Best Time To Go To Hurghada

The Geographical Location & Climate Of Hurghada

Hurghada is located on the Western shores of the Red Sea facing the shores of Saudi Arabia on the Eastern side of the sea. The city is located on longitude 33 in the East and latitude 27 in the North. The shores of the Red Sea occupy the Eastern border of the city, the Eastern Desert of Egypt to its West, the small city of Ras Ghareb 143 to its North, and Safaga is located 61 kilometers to its South.

Hurghada has a surface area of 460 square kilometers and it is located in a valley situated between two high plateaus.

The population of Hurghada has been increasing largely during the last ten years due to the spread of touristic activities in the city and around it and the establishment of new cities around it like El Gouna, which was founded only 15 years ago and the Makadi Bay located to the North of Hurghada near the city of Safaga.Hurghada is located 530 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, 286 kilometers to the North East of Luxor and after the construction of the road leading from the River Valley near Edfu to the Red Sea, many tourists who stay in Hurghada spend a few days in Hurghada and vice versa.

Although Hurghada is located around 760 kilometers to the West of Sharm El Sheikh, there is now a ferry that transfers passengers, through the Red Sea, between the two cities; the fact that made many tourists visit these two marvelous destinations together.

The Weather

Hurghada has a mixture of the Climate of the Red Sea and the characteristics of the desert area. This makes it a dry area where so little rain usually falling around the year.The city is featured with its warm weather all year long. However, in the summer the city can get really hot with the temperature reaching more than 35 degrees.This is why the spring and the autumn seasons are the best times to visit Hurghada. However, in the winter, the city still offers the guests warm dry weather and in the summer, vacationers take the pleasure of spending the morning on the marvelous beaches.

Hurghada, the summers are long, hot, arid, and clear; the winters are cool, dry, and mostly clear; and it is windy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 54°F to 97°F and is rarely below 50°F or above 102°F. 

Best time to Go

November 5th to April 15th