The springs of Siwa are famous throughout the western desert, The spring of the sun or Cleopatra's bath, has been mentioned by travellers to Siwa since the days of Herodotus, legend maintains that Cleopatra swam here when she visited Siwa oasis, So, It must be assumed, did Alexander the great



it is a stone pool fed by natural spring water, and probably the best known pool in the area. Apparently, the pool had was not vary inviting from reports in recent years, but there have been efforts made to improve it.However, as with all springs in the area, it is wise to consider local customs. People do not bath in these pools in skimpy swimsuits, and in fact, most often remain clothed. Therefore, a good idea if one intents to bath here is to bring a covering garment suitable to the occasion.

The water that comes from  this spring is so clear that it would be invisible if it were not in constant motion. It fills a natural stone pool that can be used for bathing, swimming, and relaxing.Without question, Cleopatra’s Bath is the most favored of all the springs in the Siwa Oasis area, and legend has it that the queen herself chose it for her own bathing.

Cleopatra Spring

Cleopatra’s Bath is located in the town center, and it is well populated. For that reason, people should take care about choosing to bathe here.Keep in mind that women from other parts of the world may look at clothing quite differently from the people of Egypt. If you choose to step into the waters and you are a woman, it would be best to stay fully clothed. If you are a woman, you need to expect stares no matter what you may be dressed in. If you do choose to change into other clothing before stepping into Cleopatra’s Bath, you will find that changing rooms are open to the public at Tanta Waa Café, which is adjacent to the bath itself.

Cleopatra’s Bath