Travel To Siwa From Cairo

In The following paragraphs, you will find some hints to help you if you take the right decision to travel to Siwa Oasis . You have many options to choose from whether for the transportations or for the things you will do there . We will offer you the best places to visit there ,the best time of the year and even the best time of the week when there is not much crowd  

Unusual visit

Most travelers when they head their destnaition to Egypyt ,they search for resorts in Sharm El Sheikh ,Hurghada .Cairo or Marsa Alam to enjoy the water activities and the rest and recuperation.But have you ever think of a new exciting adventure by crossing the Western desert to this isolated oasis, Siwa Oasis, where natural beauty, fun and recreation.You can wander between the wide areas of palm trees in order to enjoy calm and tranquility, or you can spend a whole day skiing on the soft sand and then dive into the cold water fountain, one of the natural springs that Siwa Oasis is famous for, and if you love nature, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise As if you hadn't seen it before or even spent the night camping under a starlit skyToday I will put all in your hands all about Siwa Oasis and there are some dos and don'ts for a trip to Siwa

Where is Siwa Oasis?

Siwa Oasis is about 305 km southwest of Marsa Matrouh Governorate and about 740 km from Cairo, and this is a long distance for travel. But have you asked yourself, does Siwa Oasis deserve all the trouble to travel all this distance? The answer is simply yes it does. The oasis of Siwa is an untainted place with lots of intact natural sights. It’s a large spread of lakes, natural springs, hills, and palm trees with mesmerizing views.

Activities To Do In Siwa

You have a lot to do in Siwa other than enjoying nature, besides the cultural richness, Siwa also stands out for the magnificence of its nature and topography.Commonly, it is advised to visit the oasis during the winter months. If you plan to head to Siwa anytime soon, here are a few suggestions for places to visit and activities to immerse yourself in.

Desert safari

  is the highlight of the trip. The views of the endless white sand known as the sea of white sand are breathtaking. It is a rollercoaster going over the sand dunes with the cars enjoy the adventure and the adrenaline rush Then stop at some of the sand cliffs to do sand-boarding, which was fun.

Off- Roading in the Great Sand Sea

is considered to be one of the most famous and enjoyable day trips in the oasis . Siwa owns some of the highest sand dunes in the country making it a  great location for some sand-boarding. A portion of the Great Sand Sea is actually thought of to be part of the ocean in ancient time; petrified sea shells can be found in some areas.


 is also popular in Siwa with two shops for rentals; you can rent a bike for a quick ride or even to tour the oasis on two wheels.


Desert camping is absolutely one of the most favorite activities to do in Siwa. You can sleep in a tent or simply take your sleeping bag outside and sleep under a sky full of stars; enjoy a BBQ Bedouin dinner; and if you are into stars or star trails photography then you are definitely in for a treat.

Historic Sites To be Visited

Siwa Oasis one of the most mysterious of all Egypt’s oases and the most fascinating oasis in the western desert, Its history has not only been shaped through the ancient civilizations and the ages that witnessed.There are some historic sites to be visited in the oasis which are:

The Fortress of Shali; it’s a 13-century mud brick fortress where the people of Siwa used to live. Some of the buildings of the old town are even still in use, but due to their construction of salt, mud, rock and plaster they fall more into ruin each year.

The Temple of the Oracle, also known as Aghurmi or Amun Ra Temple. The temple was made by the Greeks and it’s where Alexander the Great headed when he visited Egypt for the first time. (Amun Ra Temple).

The Mountain of the Dead or ( Gabal Elmwata )

This small hill at the northern end of Siwa Town, is honeycombed with rock tombs peppered with amazing wall paintings. Its name is Gebel al-Mawta, means ‘Mountain of the Dead’ and most of the tombs here date back to the 26th dynasty and Ptolemaic and Roman times, these tombs were used by the Siwans people as shelters when the Italians bombed the oasis during WWII.

Hot spring in Siwa ( Bir Wahid)

One of the best Siwa excursion is the freshwater lake at Bir Wahed, 15km away on the edge of the Great Sand Sea. Once over the top of a dune, you come to a hot spring, the size of a large Jacuzzi, where sulphurous water bubbles in a pool and runs off to irrigate a garden. Cooling down in the lake then watching the sun set over the dunes while soaking in a hot spring is a breathtaking experience.

Cleopatra’s Bath

Following the track that leads to the Temple of the Oracle and continuing past the Temple of Umm Ubayd will lead you to Siwa’s most famous spring, Cleopatra’s Bath. The crystal-clear water gurgles up into a large stone pool, which is a popular bathing spot for locals as well as tourists.

Fatnas Lake

Fatnas is  Small island in Birket Siwa, you can reach it by walk or by bike, It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the sunset, You will get a spectacular view of the lake with Gebel Bayda and Hamra forming the backdrop to the west, A walk in the Garden show a variety of trees including Banana, dates and olive.

Dakrour Mountain

Siwa appears at first as a sweet and innocent place deep in the desert which has just opened its eyes to the modern world and still let's itself be amazed. Which is not wrong, the asphalted road opened first in 1984.

Dos and don’ts

1. Pick your time carefully -- don't go in summer. The best time to go to Siwa is between November and February, as the weather will be perfect.

2. Don't go over a weekend, take a week or at least five days.

3. Take a night bus from Cairo to Siwa, arrive there in the morning, take your time to rest in the hotel, you can go for sunset-watching and dinner in the evening, no sightseeing the first day, you won't enjoy it when you’re too tired.

4. If you are going by car, take a break in Marsa Matrouh. This beautiful coastal city is midway between Cairo and Siwa and you can even spend the night there, then wake up fresh and go to Siwa.

5.your sunblock with you even in winter, a scarf to protect your head against the sand and sun, and put your swimsuit on under your clothes as there is nowhere to change in the desert. After you do sand-boarding and sand dunes you could use a dip in the cold water spring and another dip in the hot water spring. There is a changing room at the hot spring, but none at the cold water spring.

6. Take your sleeping bag with you if you want to sleep under the stars and camp in the desert; also stock up on refreshments as some cookies and dry snacks could come in handy. For dinner and breakfast, Bedouins serve you some traditional food with tea only. Keep your room at the hotel, in case you find it too cold in the desert and decide to go to sleep in your warm bedroom.

7. Don't take small kids with you as it's too tiring for the little ones, but if you have to, make sure you take the potty with you, along with wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and lots of healthy snacks.

8. You have to go in the summer and allow at least four days if you do want the rheumatoid sand treatment. 

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