The Best Winter Destinations In Egypt

Your winter season doesn’t have to be cold and blue! If you are one of those people seeking some winter sun then this is probably the best time for a Holiday in Egypt!But where exactly should you be heading? That is what we are going to show you..

Siwa Oasis

If you are looking for unique Egypt winter holidays then you just found one of the best. Siwa Oasis is one of the underrated tourist attractions in Egypt but certainly one you should visit.

 Siwa Oasis is located in the Western Desert of Egypt near the Mediterranean coast, 10-12 hours away from Cairo . In summer, the weather is very hot while in winter, it is warm through the day and very cold at night with a rare possibility of rain.Top landmarks in Siwa Oasis: Amun Temple, (where the phenomenon of spring equinox occurs twice a year) – Mountain of the Dead – Sand with natural elements used for the purposes of alternative medicine.
Accommodation in Siwa Oasis: Siwa Chali Resort – Bungalows – Dream Lodge Resort – Dheheba Resort


Without a doubt, Dahab is one of the best tourist destinations in winter as it has a wonderful climate and nature, making it the most famous city for tourists in Egypt after Sharm El Sheikh .

 The city lies on the Aqaba Gulf of South Sinai in Egypt. It has a lovely climate making it one of the top Egypt winter sun holidays especially through the months before January.
The Perks of staying in Dahab: Its golden sand – Its clear beaches and natural diving sites rich in coral reefs – The unique water activities and mountain climbing that is not available anywhere else. Accommodation in Dahab: Dahab Royal Mood – Full Moon – Amanda Dahab – Swiss Inn Resort Dahab.


If you are a fan of nature and tranquility, Nuweiba is the place for you. However, due to its great proximity to Dahab, you can divide your trip among the two destinations . Top Activities in Nuweiba: It is the perfect spot to relax with nothing but activities, wonderful beaches and coral reefs – It has a great view of the majestic Sinai mountains and sea water on the coast of Nuweiba – Enjoy an authentic Bedouin dinner – It offers you the time and atmosphere to enjoy meditation and yoga.
Accommodation in Nuweiba: Rock Sea Camp – La Playa Beach Resort – Nakheel Inn.

Sharm El-Shaikh

Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of the best tourist places in winter for foreigners and Egyptians alike. The perks of staying in Sharm El Sheikh :  wonderful tourist resorts and various entertainment venues – Winter in Sharm El Sheikh is very enjoyable because its beaches are very dry where you can enjoy swimming, diving or spending a day in a yacht – You can visit the Ras Mohammed sanctuary and enjoy coral reefs.
Accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh : Royal Savoy Sharm El Sheikh Resort – Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort – Knappes Sharm El Sheikh Resort – Sunrise Sharm El Sheikh Resort – Sultan Gardens Resort


If you visit Hurghada in winter, expect to enjoy the atmosphere and the landscape with its pure water, soft sand and coral reefs, while also practice diving activities and water games.

Top landmarks in Hurghada : Marine islands such as Abu Monqar and Goughton – Wadi Hammamet – Monastery of St. Anthony – National Institute of Oceanography.
Accommodation in Hurghada : Jaz makadina – Steigenberger Aqua Magic – Sentido Palm Royal – Sunrise Grand Select – Crystal Bay Resort – Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh.Cost of 

Sahl Hashish

It is one of the largest and most modern tourist areas in Egypt, located 25 kms from Hurghada on the Red Sea. Pros of staying in Sahl Hashish: Its tourist attractions are diverse – It has monuments, spas, gardens, markets, various tourist activities and stunning beaches – It has the best golf courses, horseback riding club and sports center along with restaurants, cafes, shops, beautiful gardens, diving centers and a luxury yacht marina – It is suitable for both family and youth and especially honeymooners.
Accommodation in Sahl Hasheesh:  Aubrey Sahl Hashish – Palm Beach Piazza

El Gouna

One of the best places to travel in winter in Egypt as it is built around lakes and waterways, and have a unique festive atmosphere and very suitable for honeymoon.Top landmarks and activities in El Gouna : El Gouna Corniche – El Gouna Museum – the digital library – Marina Yacht – Activities of marine hunting uniforms, kite surfing, swimming, diving, golf and Wild activities such as safari, horse riding, aerobics, calf, haiking, tennis, squash, volleyball.
Accommodation in El Gouna : West Golf – Mangrove Resort – Swan Lake – Waterside – Bali.

Luxor And Aswan

The experience of a luxury cruise on the Nile in Luxor and Aswan around the greatest ancient monuments is a great experience especially in winter for its amazing climate.The perks of staying in Luxor and Aswan : The best place for tourists in winter because the sun shines for 8 hours – It has the finest temples, museums, pharaonic mosques and wonderful hotels on the banks of the Nile – a lot of popular markets with famous bazaars. Accommodation in Luxor and Aswan : Dahab Nile Cruise – Nubian Eco Village – Luxor Workshop.


Alexandria has a distinct atmosphere in every season, but a special taste in winter, whether you spend a day or two with your friends or even the whole family, you will enjoy every minute.

Top Activities to Do in Alexandria : Alexandria has lots of cafés and shops where you can eat Like: Costa Cafe, Nutellopia, Cilantro, Spectra, Roastery and TBS – Visit unique tourist places like: Montazah Palace – Maamoura – Qaitbay Castle – Greek Museum – Roman Theater – Alexandria National Museum – Corniche.
Accommodation in Alexandria : Cleopatra Plaza Village – Bianchi Agami Village – Al Maamoura Village in Alexandria – Green Garden Village – Alexandria Canary Village.

Marsa Alam

This city is actually called the city of dreams as it is one of the nicest tourist places in winter and attracts both foreign and Arab tourists.Top landmarks in Marsa Alam : The village of Abu al-Hasan al-Shazly – Mount Hamata – Wadi el Gemal – Shehab Al Faston Island – Khawar Island – Rocky Island
Accommodation in Marsa Alam : Magic Tulip Beach – Laguna Beach Resort – The Three Corners Resort – Aurora Bay Resort