Hurghada Grand Aquarium

In the heart of Hurghada, Magawish Tourist Region, Grand Aquarium Hurghada is the largest aquarium of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa, and the seventh in the world.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is characterized by that it enables a visitor to communicate with the Red Sea creatures and get acquainted with them closely through more than 22 basins of the largest basins in the world to display live fish and includes most types of Red Sea fish. There is also a 24-meter glass tunnel that gives the visitor a natural simulation of life The navy by wandering under the water.

It is the first project in the Red Sea that interested in opening the first wild zoo and rare wild birds, making the project enjoyable for all family members, as birds and amusing animals attract children in an impressive and wonderful way.

The Aquarium is unique to the idea of ​​a rainforest with all its heavy rains, crossed branches, interlocking trees and natural sounds of rainforest animals and birds, as well as the open forest similar to the open African forests that contain the most beautiful zoo where there are many different animals and birds, and there is a hall specializing as a museum Wadi Al-Hitan located inside Wadi Al-Rayyan Reserve in Fayoum, and there are many rare marine fossils in the hall and natural-sized whale structures.