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From USD 270

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Thanks for cooperation


Dear Gagan 

We are glad to offer you your requested services for 540 $  for you both as the following 
12th - Arrival in Cairo and travel to Aswan on the same day
Transfer from Aswan Airport to Your hotel in Aswan 
13th - Abu Simble Tour from Aswan (To start at 8.30 or 9 am)
Private tour to Abu Simbel with a local guide there in Abu Simbel 
14th - Travel from Aswan to Luxor (4.30 am to 8 am)
           Visit Dendera and Abydos
transfer to Luxor then a day tour to Dendera and Abydos 
15th - Luxor Full day East and west bank (Karnak Temple, Luxor temple, Valley of Queens (tomb of Queen Nefetari),  Valley of the Kings including tomb of King Tut, Mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, Medinet Habi)
 As you will book the fees yourself 

transfer to Luxor airport 
Night  - fly back to Cairo
transfer transfer your hotel in Cairo 
16th - Giza and Cairo Museum
 Day tour of the pyramids with the Egyptian museum then drop off at airport 

private transfer 

private guide 


entrance fees 


any extra